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What is America’s favorite pastime?  Miniature Golf is, as it is played by more than one quarter of Americans!

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Why choose Miniature Golf Construction Co?

We were on an extremely tight timeline for our project when we met with Rick and Claude.  We had met with several other designers and did not feel they had the right idea to make the most out of our property.  Rick and Claude on the first meeting had great ideas on how to use our space to create a unique and challenging course.  We knew right from the start these guys knew what they were doing.  We are 100% satisfied with their work and our customers love the course.  Below are the 5 key reasons I would recommend Miniature Golf Construction Company.

1.  Great design of holes

The design of our course is fantastic.  The changing elevations that Rick put into the design is really the key feature.  All of the other courses are mostly flat circling a waterfall which doesn't make for an interesting course.  We have had great comments on our course and we already have a strong repeat business.

2.  Best Water features

Rick is an artist when it comes to building waterfalls.  I looked at other competitors and their idea of a waterfall is a big pile of rocks in the middle of the course.  Rick designed a 3-level pond with multiple waterfalls.  It is spectacular!  And he integrated several holes into the water features.  It is true... Kids love waterfalls and ours are better than the competition.

3.  They really know how to build a course right

These guys really know what they are doing and take care of every last detail.  An example is how they built drainage underneath our entire course.  Our property is on the 100 year flood plain.  Rick built the elevations of the course perfectly to have all the ups and downs throughout the course and keep us above the flood plain.  And his work was put to the test twice this summer.  First our plumber broke the water main and almost flooded the entire property.  Rick had strategically placed a large drain at a low point on the property.  The drain saved our course and the practice green on the neighboring Golf Course.  And then the 100 year flood did come this year.  Our entire property was surrounded by water.  The only dry land was our course as the neighboring golf course was flooded and closed for 4 days and we stayed open (making money) the entire time.

4.  Experts on more than just Mini-golf

We brought Rick and Claude in to build the golf course but they were experts in many other areas that helped us getting started.  We had a sand volleyball court put in and it just wasn't done right.  With the first rain it was a mud puddle.  For a reasonable price Rick and Claude put a drainage system around the court and even after the record rain we have had no other issues.  There many other areas like landscaping, the property grade, electrical, music system, etc...where we got some great advise.

5.  Hard working, honest, and true to their bid

Lastly Rick and Claude are extremely hard working and honest.  They kept an exhausting pace going to make sure we could open as promised by the start of the season.  We opened on May 14th.  They were also true to their bid.  And even on items like fill that we were paying for Rick was searching on line and calling around to get us the best prices to stretch our money.  There were a few items outside of our contract we decided to have Rick do and we always were given an estimate and the work was always completed to the estimate.

Overall we are 100% satisfied and very glad we made the choice we made!

We highly recommend Miniature Golf Construction Corporation and would be happy to talk with you if you have more questions about our course and the work.

Mark & Paula Cammarota, Owners
"On The Fringe"
1024 Cameron Way
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We take pride in all our work and enjoy creating the most beautiful miniature golf courses across the country.

We offer the very best in design and construction of smaller market to highly elaborate miniature golf courses.  With our ability to create any combination of the different styles of golf courses from the “Mountain Style” with its huge cascading waterfalls and intriguing caves to the “California Style“ with its majestic fountains, playful rivers and sparkling reflection ponds.  We are able to provide you with a truly unique product.

Miniature golf course development has witnessed sensational growth over the years.  New and more stimulating miniature golf course designs offer the entire family a more pleasurable experience as they play among distinctive “fantasy scenes,” cascading waterfalls, multi-level ponds, fountains and richly landscaped surroundings.  All of these factors contribute to the business of miniature golf becoming one of America’s outstanding recreation and entertainment opportunities!

Miniature Golf Construction Company provides complete design services for custom course layouts, conforming to most existing property dimensions.  Space restrictions, budgetary limitations and conceptual feelings are appraised prior to the initial design process.  These important factors are then incorporated into the design and construction of your miniature golf course.  The design services are available for both indoor and outdoor facilities.

After approval of the final course design, our construction crew will see to it that your golf course is completed on time, while maintaining the highest professional standards.

Consider this fun, unique and flourishing business opportunity whether you are currently involved in real estate development, own an existing amusement center or are considering starting a new business.  If miniature golf is in your plans, Miniature Golf Construction Company, LLC will help you from the initial consulting stage to the “Grand Opening!”

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